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Interview: For Planmeca USA’s new president, the digital future of dentistry is already here

Blog post   •   Jan 20, 2017 10:34 UTC

As Planmeca USA’s long-standing president Robert Pienkowski goes into retirement, the company’s Vice President of Sales Brett Hines gets set to take his place at the helm. Hines himself says he is ready to take the company to the next level.

Planmeca USA’s new president Brett Hines has never been one to shy away from a challenge. Through an extensive career in sales Hines has acquired an in-depth understanding of the North American dental market and is well-versed in both Planmeca and its high-tech dental equipment. Now he has been tasked with leading the entire North American branch of the company into the future. As the newly minted president gets ready to take the lead, read what he has to say about what’s new, now and next for Planmeca and the entire dental industry.

You’ve recently been named the new President of Planmeca USA. How are you settling into your new role?

"The appointment is definitely bringing some unique challenges and experiences – but I am more than ready to take them on. Bob Pienkowski helped Planmeca founder Heikki Kyöstilä launch the company’s North American wing almost 30 years ago, and he has done such a great job since that stepping into his shoes won’t be entirely easy. The company has such a great foundation, people and products, however, that I’m confident I can lead us to new heights the same way Bob has – hopefully for another 30 years!"

What’s changing for you as president of the company?

"My whole career has been centered on sales and sales training, and as Vice President of Sales I was honored to work with the best sales team in the world. Now, as President of Planmeca USA, I will be working with all aspects of the company and hope to facilitate growth while keeping an eye on the customer experience."

What sets Planmeca apart from other manufacturers in the dental industry?

"To me, the strength of the entire Planmeca product portfolio lies in the integration of hardware and software all down the line. The ease of use and upgradability of our devices is not only built in the design, but is supported by a powerful and flexible one-software solution – Planmeca Romexis®. The many tools and functionalities of Planmeca Romexis cover everything from patient management to device monitoring to diagnostics and treatment. Having that software platform supporting all operations can unclutter your dental office and take it into the digital age of today.

Even though technology and the market are constantly changing, there is one thing which always remains the same – the human concern for health. At Planmeca we understand this, because as people we share the same concern. This has in turn given rise to groundbreaking health innovations such as the Planmeca Ultra Low Dose™ protocol, which enables CBCT imaging at a lower patient dose than in conventional panoramic imaging – without compromising image quality. It makes me proud to be able to say that we truly care about both our customers and their patients."

What do you see are the challenges in today’s dental industry? What’s changed?

"Technology and digitalization are really changing dental care and the world right now. Consequently, access to the latest information and expertise is more important than ever.

Another development that is rapidly changing dental care is the growing demand for same-day dentistry. The patient’s time is valuable, and if given a choice, anyone is going to want to get that crown the same visit. Patients want same-day restorations, and dentists are really starting to listen. That’s why complete chairside CAD/CAM solutions such as Planmeca FIT™ have been fantastic for dentists."

What does the future look like for Planmeca Inc.?

"The future of Planmeca is absolutely bright! Planmeca has always been at the forefront of dentistry, and we are truly living in exciting times in the dental industry right now – so stay tuned!"

Text by: Aleksandra Nyholm

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