Dr. Guillaume Becker’s patients just love Planmeca dental units

Blog posts   •   Dec 17, 2018 11:58 GMT

When decorating his new dental clinic in the South of France in 2016, Dr. Guillaume Becker didn’t want to settle for the ordinary.

Planmeca announces new dental unit

Press Releases   •   Dec 10, 2018 07:15 GMT

The new Planmeca Compact™ i5 dental unit has been built around five central themes – design, wellbeing, cleanliness, intelligence, and evolution.

Planmeca announces new intraoral camera

News   •   Nov 13, 2018 14:00 GMT

Planmeca is presenting a new intraoral camera. Planmeca Somia™ is a light and slender intraoral camera that facilitates patient communication and image documentation. Because of its small size and user-friendly operation, it is a valuable aid for all dental professionals.

New smaller scanning tip for Planmeca Emerald™

Blog posts   •   Oct 17, 2018 13:22 GMT

Planmeca is introducing a new scanning tip for the Planmeca Emerald™ intraoral scanner. The new SlimLine tip is thinner and ideal for patients with smaller mouths.

Planmeca accelerates the development of digital solutions by appointing Chief Information Officer

News   •   Oct 11, 2018 07:39 GMT

Terhi Nyyssönen (M.Sc.) has been appointed as the Chief Information Officer (CIO) of Planmeca Group.

Better care through software

Blog posts   •   Aug 20, 2018 10:23 GMT

As the world has shifted to a more software-centred approach, dentistry has followed suit – leading to expanded possibilities, increased efficiency and improved levels of care.

Capture low dose CBCT images without movement artefacts

Blog posts   •   Jul 19, 2018 07:26 GMT

All our CBCT units support three different types of 3D imaging as well as extraoral bitewing, cephalometric and digital panoramic imaging. This flexibility allows clinics to optimise their imaging and select the techniques that work best with each case. With proprietary ultra low dose and movement correction features also available, Planmeca provides a completely unique dental imaging experience.

The Nordic Institute of Dental Education: Great experiences far beyond learning

Blog posts   •   Jun 07, 2018 08:55 GMT

Professor Irena Sailer and MDT Vincent Fehmer from the University of Geneva are no strangers to Finland. As lecturers for the Nordic Institute of Dental Education, they have been to the country several times in recent years and helped dental professionals from many countries expand their expertise in digital dentistry – a rewarding experience for course participants and the lecturers themselves.

Planmeca orthodontics – choose the right tools for you

Blog posts   •   Jun 06, 2018 07:12 GMT

​Going digital with Planmeca will provide you with unmatched freedom and flexibility throughout the orthodontic workflow. After collecting the needed imaging data, you can either order the needed appliances from an orthodontic solution provider or continue treatment planning in-house with the appropriate software. The choice is yours – our workflow is completely open!

Planmeca Emerald™ intraoral scanner now accepted by orthocaps®

Press Releases   •   May 29, 2018 08:00 GMT

Planmeca is pleased to announce that the Planmeca Emerald™ intraoral scanner can now be used for producing orthocaps® aligners.

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